fear1We all have them, not all of us are able to admit to them! Once we are able to identify our fears then we have to ask ourselves are we ready to conquer them?Until we make a concise decision to make a positive change in our life we are unable to move forward in a healthy direction.

Many people suffer greatly from the fear of REJECTION. This is very common in 90% of the single male population. With the fear of rejection comes shyness as well. Read more

The 30 Day MatchMaker Miracle!

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If you’re committed to making a change this year our FREE telesummit with the leading Matchmakers in the industry is designed to start the New Year with results!

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Dating Tips for The Relationship Minded Person: First Date Do’s and Dont’s

bad date

In today’s society, dating can be frustrating or fun, it’s your choice.  Finding the right person that you actually want to spend time with has become a bit more difficult.  With online dating being so prominent you would think it would be easier to find the one but it has actually made it more difficult with fake profiles, old photos and exaggerations.   Read more

Back to Basics

chalkFrom one matchmaker to another: “One of my personal clients is very much in need of conversation tips on dates. He is extremely nervous meeting new women and has had a lot of disappointment in his personal life. I’ve been working with him for almost a year now and have given him some conversation starters, but he is asking for more! Do you have any suggestions I may be able to pass his way?”

The greatest compliment you can give someone is your undivided attention. Read more

Getting what you want…

Getting what you want is not always easy in life, dating and relationships.  But it doesn’t have to be that difficult!  The biggest mistakes I see people make is that they are either setting their goals too small or having unrealistic expectations.  Look in the mirror.  Do you like what you see?  You have to love you first before you can truly love anyone else.  What do you have to offer?  Are you asking for more or less than you can bring to the table yourself? Read more

Drive through dating…

So you put up a picture of yourself, write a few paragraphs full of clichés like “I’m easy going, honest, loyal and hard working etc.”  You spend hours online sorting through profiles full of the same clichés you just wrote about yourself and hope to find someone who has things in common with you.  Just because you both like bowling doesn’t mean you are going to live happily ever after!

What we all want is to find that person who fulfills what needs we are missing.   We want the other half who completes us.  Read more

Living vs Existing

So many people become caught up in the monotonous trap of existing through what they perceive life to be.  They wake up and start their normal routine; eat the same breakfast, take the same route to work, eat lunch at the same restaurant, finish work, take the same route home, have the same dinner, watch the same TV shows, sign on to the same website, go to sleep and wake up only to do it all over again the very next day.  Some people even consider themselves happy with the comfort of such a routine.  To this I have to ask:  when is the last time you laughed so hard it made you belly hurt?  Read more

Listen up guys…Confidence is SEXY!


Do you even know what your most attractive feature is?  Maybe you think it is your beautiful eyes because you catch us ladies looking into them often.  Or maybe it is the way you dress because you think us women appreciate a man with a sense of fashion.  Maybe you think it is those abs you work so hard for every day at the gym.  Possibly you believe it is that gorgeous smile you have with those perfect white teeth.  Well let me tell you something all of those things are great but they are not the number one reasons why us ladies are attracted you… Read more

Social Networking Mischief

With so many ways to communicate, you would think our social lives would be easier. The countless number of social networking sites were most likely designed to bring people together; to find old friends, make new ones or perhaps even find a new love. Yet what is the effect that these sites are doing to those already in relationships? Read more

Unconscious Communication ~ Body Language

So much can be said without saying a word.  Some research even suggests over 80% of what we communicate is non-verbal.  Understanding some of the key elements of basic body language can help you to date more successfully.  Becoming more aware of the body language you are putting out can help you with not only flirting but in attracting the right person by sending the appropriate signals.  Learning to interpret these unconscious indicators can take some of the guess work out of dating and help to determine if the feelings are mutual. Read more

A man’s point of view…

heartI have had several emails lately from ladies wanting to know the secret of what men want.  Now this is of course a subject I could ramble on for hours about so instead I asked one of our “guy” date coaches to sum it all up for us in a short and simple manner.

From a man’s point of view…

The question of “what men want” breaks into two parts:  initially and subsequently.  So here goes: Read more

My drug of choice…

I have known people who are addicted to chocolate.   I have know people who are addicted to exercise and working out.  So what is a matchmaker doing writing about strange addictions?  Well love and romance, in a sense, are addictions as well.  PEA (phenylethylamine) is the one common factor in chocolate, exercise and new love.  PEA is a stimulant that the body produces naturally.  It is responsible for the high that surges into our brain chemistry causing the feelings of euphoria, alertness and attraction.   Read more

Caregiver Syndrome

Some of the nicest people I have ever meet are caregivers.  You know the ones, always doing for others, typically putting their own needs aside.  When a caregiver chooses a career it tends to be one in something like social work, teaching, nursing etc.  They choose these career paths because it makes them feel good about themselves.  It gives them purpose.  When they fulfill that “need to be needed” in their career choice great things can be achieved.

Read more

Denial. It isn’t just a river in Egypt…

denial90 % of the single population have either been in or are presently in this emotional state – the emotional state of denial…

The most common way of falling into a state of denial is by being single for a long period of time.  A long period of time could be 6 months or 10 years, this varies by individual.  Some people need more affection and to these people, a long period of time could be 3 months.  Regardless of the length of time someone is single, Read more

The Za Za Zoo

Learning the differences between our wants list and our needs list can be difficult sometimes.  I do believe the Rolling Stones said it best but today, I am going to focus on some of my favorite quotes from Carrie Bradshaw and friends because we can all relate to a little pop culture, at least us girls lol.  “Welcome to the age of un-innocence.  No one has breakfast at Tiffany’s and no one has affairs to remember.” Read more

L.O.V.E. Live, Observe, Visualize and Enjoy!

Learning to live is actually one of the greatest challenges we face as adults. So many times we get caught up in the monotonous routines of daily life we forget to stop and smell the flowers. Learning to live is learning to enjoy life in the present, to enjoy each spectacular moment. Each day is a blessing with thousands of hidden blessings within and it is our job to find those moments and appreciate each and every one of them. Read more

Negativity Purge

I like to live my life in a positive thinking type way. The best way to do this is to surround myself with like minded people. However, there are always those that come into our life and attempt to mentally drain our energy. These are the people we NEED to purge in efforts towards keeping our own sanity! Read more

Forgiveness: A Right of Passage

Forgiveness is true freedom; most people define forgiveness through forgiving a person and/or their behavior. However there is so much more to forgiveness in order to find inner peace and have the ability to love once more. When you look deep into yourself and have the ability to forgive someone in this way, to be able to forgive yourself, you become less of a victim and you can open up your heart to someone else. Read more

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