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Miss MatchMaker offers her services not only in matchmaking but also offers Date Coaching, Divorce Recovery, Relationship Coaching, Strategic Planning, Personality Assessments, Image Consulting & Makeover Services!  She also hosts a free Live Web Series “All Things Dating…” and Local Charity Events!

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All services are performed by Miss MatchMaker herself, Denise Levy, BSW when requested.

So much more than just compatible matches…

I hold a private one-on-one consultations in Destin, Florida by appointment only.  The consultation is a 90-minute meeting to evaluate a potential client’s needs, expectations and most importantly, the suitability of the applicant.  The consultation provides the client a chance to meet face to face with me and learn what services would be best suited to his or her needs.  Program fees will only be discussed in the consultation.  To schedule your face to face meeting in Destin, FL:


*Please understand, not all applicants will be accepted for services.  I have a strict qualifying process which includes but is not limited to a complete criminal and civil background check and credit report.  I screen for stability both emotionally and financially.

NATIONALLY:  If you do not live on the Gulf Coast you can still benefit from my personal services.   I am always available for scheduled telephone consultations whether it be coaching, advice, dating makeovers, or date planning no matter where you live!  I work with a number of matchmakers from coast to coast and can find you a matchmaker in your area if necessary.  For more information:



Each person is unique and so are their circumstances.  I will personally take the time to get to know you and find out exactly what areas we need to work on in order to bring out the very best version of YOU possible.  All coaching programs are designed to fit your individual needs.  Mostly, it is about teaching you to get out of your own way!  Call today to schedule your initial consultation.


I put my own unique style and twist on matchmaking.  Are you looking for “The One”?  Maybe you’re happy just dating, but aren’t finding compatible people. Because I only work with a limited number of personal clients I have the ability to go to unheard of lengths to find my personal clients what they’re looking for.  Think of me more as a Headhunter or Scout.


If you want more than just a matchmaker, I provide a dating strategy for people who want to learn “the secrets” of expert daters.  I will ensure that you are armed with the skills you need to get exactly what you want out of dating and relationships!


A great date doesn’t necessarily include dinner.  In fact, dinner is last on my list!  Consult our event planning team for everything from the best place to meet for coffee (it’s not Starbucks) to creative dates and the latest on Gulf Coast events – reflect your unique personality and interests…even better show her you’re listening and attentive to her interests.  If you still must go to dinner I will help map out the perfect spot and even make the reservations!

phone_pinkDating Coach via Phone or Skype:

This is a four hour commitment to work on your dating habits and ensure you know what attracts the opposite sex, what turns them off and how to make sure you don’t waste time dating the wrong types.

Dating Analysis: Breaks down the client’s current dating habits and behaviors to determine how successful a dater you are.

Putting The Past Behind You: A simple plan to correct the problems of past relationship pitfalls.  Learn how to spot the “wrong” men/ women from a mile away and what was blocking you from seeing them as WRONG before.

Find the best way to meet someone special: I will review all of your options for meeting the person you are looking for.  I work with several matchmakers across the country and can refer you to a qualified professional matchmaker or dating service if necessary.

Dating Strategy: I help to identify what you’re looking for and how to get it.  You will learn what to talk about, what not to talk about and how to ensure you will get a second date.

Date Planning: Dinner is not always your best choice.  I will help you to plan a spectacular date that will dazzle your partner and always be remembered.

Text Support: You don’t have to go it alone!  If you’re on a date and get stuck – you’ll have instant text support.

90 Minute Sessions are available at a reduced rate.  For minor problem solving and getting you on the right track, I also offer Mini Phone Sessions for 15 minutes even if it just to help you plan a special date.

iStock_000007132427XSmall-1Dating Coach Email Support

If you feel you just need a little help or have a few questions you would like answers to Email Support may be just what you need!





jenn-blogWoman’s Weekend

Ladies, if you are interested in not only finding Mr. Right but actually learning the skills to keep him, we have a specially designed weekend get away just for you!  Not only do you get a fabulous vacation in beautiful Destin, FL, you get 2 full days of one-on-one coaching that will transform your love life forever.  Please note that availability for these weekends is limited and must be scheduled with Miss MatchMaker personally.  For more details click here!



Men’s Weekend

Guys are you ready to learn all of the secrets to attracting the woman you want and deserve?  This is the life changing weekend get away you need to transform your dating and social life.  No more settling for the first one that pays you a little attention.  No mo rejection and no more nights alone.  One weekend in Destin, FL will change your love life forever. Please note that availability for these weekends is limited and must be scheduled with Miss MatchMaker personally.  For more details click here!


“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it. “   ~Tori Amos



There is light at the end of the tunnel and I will help you find it! We must be happy with ourselves first before we can be happy with anyone else. Part of finding that happiness from within is getting you back to being comfortable in your own skin, strengthening your sense of self and raising your self esteem.  The death of a marriage is a grieving process just as the death of a loved one. My job will be to move you through this grieving process as quickly as possible so that you may advance on to new chapters in your life!  For more details click here!


Break Up Support Group

This is a once a week, one hour call every Sunday night. The purpose of our Support Group is to reach out to and assist those of us (yes, I’ve been there too) who are recently divorced or just ended a relationship but not yet ready to date. We offer helpful tips on recovery, healing, encouragement, how-to-deal-with-your-ex, self-esteem, how-to-deal-with-your-children and we bridge the painful, lonely gap between the break up and dating.

You can participate anonymously and from your own home. We limit participation to 10 people each week. Please email with your name, phone number, email address and a brief description of your situation or any issues you would like to address by Friday evening and we will email you back with all the information you will need to participate on the call. All personal information will remain confidential.


To determine which services are right for you, schedule your FREE 15 minute phone consultation:



Disclaimer: Miss MatchMaker, MatchMaker Gulf Coast and Denise Levy referred to as MMGC can not guarantee friendship, communication, dating or marriage from the services listed above.  By making payment for services Client acknowledges that communication with MMGC offers only advice that is intellectually and conversationally stimulating to help client gain knowledge in the arena of dating and is considered for educational and entertainment purposes only.  Client waives any and all claims, damages, losses or causes of action against MMGC it’s employees, agents, officers, and directors harmless from any advice followed by client and indemnifies and agrees to hold MMGC it’s employees, agents, officers and directors harmless from any and all loss, cost, expense, damage or claims of damage whatsoever resulting from advice given to client.  All clients are subject to a screening process which includes a complete criminal and civil background check and credit report.  Not all applicants will be accepted.

We use Square for secure transactions.  Your personal information will be held strictly confidential and we never give your name, email or phone number to any third party.  If you choose to remain anonymous that is just fine with MMGC.

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