Extreme Make Over

When people hear the word makeover they automatically think in terms of appearance. Maybe a new hair style, new wardrobe, image consulting or something to that affect. These things can change how you look and make you more attractive to the opposite sex BUT this alone is not going to give you the skills necessary to attract, meet, and keep the person of your dreams.

In order to attract, meet, and keep that person, you also have to put your time and energy into developing and projecting the best version of who you truly are. We start by just building on your already fabulous qualities so you remain true to your authentic self. When you’re armed with the right attitude and strategies you will have more energy and confidence, but most importantly you will become that person which will allow you to be one step closer to finding the happy and healthy relationship that you deserve. This is derived from the emotional confidence you will gain from this experience.

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The journey of transformation and self discovery demands courage and determination. It is a life altering experience that requires discipline, strength of character and the ability to face your own demons. It is a process of learning to get out of your own way in order to achieve what your heart deeply desires. It is hard work but the end results are always worth it.

This extreme makeover starts from deep within you. We will pull away all of the internal scars and give you a blank slate to start from. It will change your entire way of thinking and the way you live. Once we have the proper mind set we can work our way outwards and make dramatic changes resulting from your new attitude alone.

I have put together a dream team of professionals that will assist you in the most rejuvenating makeover from the inside to the outside that will completely transform not only your social, dating and professional life but also give you the tools to becoming the very best version of YOU you can possibly be by looking at the entire picture.

What I do is completely different than anything you have seen out there. I believe each person is completely unique and so are their circumstances. I take the time to get to know each client and their situation to determine what goals need to be set and then focus in on achieving those goals. As a dating consultant to both men and women, I create custom programs for each of my clients.

This is a process that takes a deep level of commitment and a very strong character. If you are willing to commit both emotionally and financially.  I would never ask a client to do anything I haven’t already done myself. What I am about to share with you are some of the key factors and people who have helped me personally become the very best me possible. Looking your best goes hand and hand with feeling your best. Here is part of my exterior makeover day.  Thanks to the girls at Rolland’s and photographer Dave Dexter for showcasing my external best…the internal you will get to know when we work together!



You may not always like what we have to say so if you can’t handle some tough love, don’t even consider this! I will hold up the mirror and hold you accountable in order to show you the path that will help you attract and meet the person you have been waiting for. You will only meet this person when you become this person…

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