My drug of choice…

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I have known people who are addicted to chocolate.   I have know people who are addicted to exercise and working out.  So what is a matchmaker doing writing about strange addictions?  Well love and romance, in a sense, are addictions as well.  PEA (phenylethylamine) is the one common factor in chocolate, exercise and new love.  PEA is a stimulant that the body produces naturally.  It is responsible for the high that surges into our brain chemistry causing the feelings of euphoria, alertness and attraction.   Read more

Caregiver Syndrome

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Some of the nicest people I have ever meet are caregivers.  You know the ones, always doing for others, typically putting their own needs aside.  When a caregiver chooses a career it tends to be one in something like social work, teaching, nursing etc.  They choose these career paths because it makes them feel good about themselves.  It gives them purpose.  When they fulfill that “need to be needed” in their career choice great things can be achieved.

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Denial. It isn’t just a river in Egypt…

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denial90 % of the single population have either been in or are presently in this emotional state – the emotional state of denial…

The most common way of falling into a state of denial is by being single for a long period of time.  A long period of time could be 6 months or 10 years, this varies by individual.  Some people need more affection and to these people, a long period of time could be 3 months.  Regardless of the length of time someone is single, Read more

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