In Search Of My Final First Date

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jenn-blogWritten by: Jennifer Cederquist

In Search Of My Final First Date©

It’s what the majority of singles are seeking — the end of the dating game and the beginning of a lasting relationship.  We explore every avenue that sounds promising, while at the same time we tire of putting forth such effort.  The use of internet dating sites becomes a part time job.  Blind dates turn into interviews.  The whole process of finding a soul mate starts to take on a clinical feel.  Yet, what alternative is there?  Read more

Top 5 myths about Hiring a MatchMaker

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“Matchmakers are for millionaires.” Wrong! My clients are everyday people like you and I. If you look around the grocery store, these people are my clients. Each single man or woman is unique and comes with his or her own set of circumstances. Also each person has their own set of financial circumstances as well. I believe everyone deserves love and I will design a program which will work within each person’s specific set of circumstances, both emotional and financial. Programs are designed to help each person find their dream without tapping into their grocery money. The truth is hiring a matchmaker is typically less expensive than a divorces might cost.

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