Men have their periods too…

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Call it what you want but we all know it is true…they really do! I was talking with two of my friends today that having recently entered into new relationships and they both had the same critical concerns. “Everything has been going so great but now, I feel like he is pulling back…” Well of course he is! He has just realized that it is more than just “dating” and it scares the %^#@ out of him. Let him be. Do not chase. The more you pursue, the more he will retreat. Give him some space, stop over analyzing and let it take its own natural course.
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Million Dollar Booty Call?

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bedOk, everybody’s following Tiger Wood’s life implosion. Why does a billionaire (yeah, billion), married to a knock-out model with two beautiful children and numerous multi-million dollar product endorsement deals throw it all away for a couple of Hooter’s waitresses? Are all men cheaters? Do all men lose good judgment in the face of some excellent cleavage?

Would Tiger have done the adultery he did if he knew he would get caught? Well, if he knew FOR SURE he would get caught AND if he knew FOR SURE the consequences Read more

Out of the mouths of babes…

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I was entertained last night cruising the web when I can across this article in the New York Post.  With all the experts in my field, I never would have thought we would be taking advice from a 9 year old.  Alec Greven is a fourth grader who apparently has done some research on the playground.  His new book How to Talk to Girls is now available nationwide.

Alec gives us advise on dating that tends to follow my own train of thought,  KIS…keep it simple. Read more

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