Active within 24 hours!

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I can’t tell you how many times I have heard of that one phrase destroying a potentially good relationship.  Most recently I was talking a good friend in DC down from what could have been a very self destructive plan.  She had been dating this guy for about 2 months and decided it was time to take down her online dating profile.  When she signed on (after not signing on in two months) she chuckled because the site had generated a new match for her and it was her new boyfriend.  She went to his profile out of curiosity and discovered that he was “Active within 24 hours!” Read more

Making love happen…

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I have had several people ask me lately about my “online service” and I wanted to take the time to explain that I do not have an online service.  I am an old fashion matchmaker.   If you haven’t already go check out my other website MatchMaker Gulf Coast for more details.  What I do is work with people individually to help find someone that they would be truly compatible with.  It sounds pretty simple but it’s really not. Read more

Men have their periods too…

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Call it what you want but we all know it is true…they really do! I was talking with two of my friends today that having recently entered into new relationships and they both had the same critical concerns. “Everything has been going so great but now, I feel like he is pulling back…” Well of course he is! He has just realized that it is more than just “dating” and it scares the %^#@ out of him. Let him be. Do not chase. The more you pursue, the more he will retreat. Give him some space, stop over analyzing and let it take its own natural course.
Read more

Million Dollar Booty Call?

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bedOk, everybody’s following Tiger Wood’s life implosion. Why does a billionaire (yeah, billion), married to a knock-out model with two beautiful children and numerous multi-million dollar product endorsement deals throw it all away for a couple of Hooter’s waitresses? Are all men cheaters? Do all men lose good judgment in the face of some excellent cleavage?

Would Tiger have done the adultery he did if he knew he would get caught? Well, if he knew FOR SURE he would get caught AND if he knew FOR SURE the consequences Read more

Out of the mouths of babes…

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I was entertained last night cruising the web when I can across this article in the New York Post.  With all the experts in my field, I never would have thought we would be taking advice from a 9 year old.  Alec Greven is a fourth grader who apparently has done some research on the playground.  His new book How to Talk to Girls is now available nationwide.

Alec gives us advise on dating that tends to follow my own train of thought,  KIS…keep it simple. Read more

Still looking for love online?

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In today’s society we are governed by 3 things.  The laws of man, the laws of God and peer pressure.  The first two do not apply to the internet and online dating.  On line dating is not policed by anyone, which makes it easy for people to exaggerate the truth and flat out lie.  I can’t even count how many times people have told me of their frustrations with lies about age, weight, income and appearance while using online dating sites. Read more

Dinner and a Movie? NOT!!!

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dateHow many times have you heard of the “dinner and a movie date” for a first date?  TOO MANY!

Let’s start with dinner shall we…Dinner dates remind me of one thing, an inquisition!  You sit across the table from each other, already nervous, and then one of you starts with the questions…”so you are divorced, how long were you married, what happened, what do you do for work etc.!”  Let’s face it; it is like a round of ping pong with the questions Read more

Long Distance Relationships

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handsA friend of mine recently become involved in a long distance relationship (LDR) and asked me for some advice on how to make it work.  I sort of giggled because the only LDR I have ever had failed horribly!  Then got to thinking, well how could it have worked?  What could I have, or he have done differently?

I believe you have to have something to look forward to!  When will you see each other again!  If possible, alternate trips so that neither Read more

Help or Hinder…

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tree1Consider this before you go on your next date:  Sometimes it’s not about who you have been in the past or even who you are today but more about who you want to become…

In this complicated world of dating and relationships I believe there are two very clear, black and white types of relationships.  I choose to define them in a very simple way at this point in my life…or maybe it’s just the cold medicine kicking in…LOL!

There are those people out there that help you.  People who are supportive in your decisions and life choices and inspire you to best Read more

Keeping the newness…

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Who doesn’t enjoy the first few weeks of dating someone new?  The pursuit in going strong!  The attraction is at it’s highest point!  And he is pulling out his best A-game…the sweet and sometimes racy text messages 4 or 5 times a day, the romantic evenings when he actually listens to what you have to say, the way he mentally undresses you in public, the spark that runs up your spine every time his hands hold yours, the fact that he makes the time in his schedule to meet you in the Target parking lot for 5 minutes just to steal a kiss in the middle of the day! Read more

She can’t afford to treat…

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postitOne of my best friends called me up with a very important question last night.  She has recently graduated college and is not in the best financial situation yet.  She has been dating a new boyfriend for about a month now and fortunately he has been paying for just about everything.  Even though she knows she can’t afford it, she wanted to treat one night but hasn’t yet.  She asked me at what point does she have to open her purse even though it is empty? Read more

eHarmony ~ A Social Experiment

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tgAs a matchmaker I am always curious as to what others in the industry are doing.  I have heard a lot about most of the popular dating sites out there and have always been intrigued as to why so many people have told me they have been rejected by eHarmony.  In efforts to understand this I spent about 30 minutes completing their profile questions about me personally to see how accurately their matching would work. Read more

Valentine’s Day In The News

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Denise at desk (1)

Bella Magazine:  First -date rules:  Be real, be courteous and add a little creativity

The Destin Log:  Playing Cupid:  Local matchmaker and relationship consultant gears up for Valentines Day

My personal favorite…

The Beachcomber:  The MatchMaker’s Beast Match

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MatchMaker Gulf Coast Launches “Worst First” Contest

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First dates. Let’s face it. Sometimes, they’re great. But just as often, not so great. And every now and then, they’re, well, awful.  Nightmarish. Horrible. The worst, ever!

We should know.  At Matchmaker Gulf Coast, we hear all kinds of stories from all kinds of singles about their worst first dates. And now we want to hear from you! Think you have been on the worst first date ever? Tell us about it. And you just might win a groovy prize for sharing your story.

To enter, email your story to or enter it here in the comments!

Read more

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