L.O.V.E. Live, Observe, Visualize and Enjoy!

Learning to live is actually one of the greatest challenges we face as adults. So many times we get caught up in the monotonous routines of daily life we forget to stop and smell the flowers. Learning to live is learning to enjoy life in the present, to enjoy each spectacular moment. Each day is a blessing with thousands of hidden blessings within and it is our job to find those moments and appreciate each and every one of them. Getting stuck in worries and the “what if’s” or defining yourself through past relationships or experiences is like living with blinders on. Look around your world right now, today, this very moment and experience it. Use all of your senses to find those moments of bliss and take the time to actually FEEL it! See each beautiful object, listen to every magnificent note, touch all of life’s textures and taste the deliciousness of every bite.

Observation can be a very useful tool in living, love and happiness. When we open our eyes to observe every little thing around us it heightens our awareness and allows us to live in the moment. Not only can we learn though our own observations but we can observe others and find happiness in learning though their joys. Take those blinders off and observe what is really going on around you right now. If you observe closely you will find something to smile about.

Visualization is the ability to not only see but to feel what you really want from each moment. Force yourself to visualize what it is going to be that will make you truly happy. Now take the proper steps to make that visualization your new reality. Sometimes it just boils down to trusting yourself enough to let the world unfold in your direction. Learn to believe in yourself and visualize it.

Enjoy and embrace it all! Don’t let one moment pass that will make you smile. Be grateful for every grin, every giggle and every grand moment. Gratitude and appreciation will allow you to enjoy the life you have consciously created. Allow yourself to slow down and be the person you really want to be. At this point you will start to attract others with the same qualities you want and have to offer. Love is actually right around the corner…it starts from within.


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