Negativity Purge

I like to live my life in a positive thinking type way. The best way to do this is to surround myself with like minded people. However, there are always those that come into our life and attempt to mentally drain our energy. These are the people we NEED to purge in efforts towards keeping our own sanity!

Did you ever notice in your life that certain people just suck the life right out of you? These can be people you work with, relatives, friends or even lovers. You know those people I am referring to. They don’t even know how negative they are; always complaining, nagging, even complaining to you about your life! Seriously, I have to live my life and I spend my days attempting to make people happy. I don’t need someone making it more difficult than it already is.

The other day I stumbled onto this great audio presentation by Ray Stendall entitled Energy Vampires. Take a few minutes and listen to this audio (click here). I promise some light bulbs will start going off! As I was listening to this I thought to myself WOW I am doing this right now!

I remember reading a blog by Ronit Baras a few years ago. It was a spring cleaning as I refer to it or as Ronit calls it an Emotional Garage Sale of old emotions, thoughts and beliefs. If we take the time to spring clean our emotions and get rid of the extra clutter in our head we can move forward in a more positive manner. Sometimes this actually includes people as well.

Combining Ronit’s Garage Sale and Ray’s presentation of Energy Vampires together is what I call a Negativity Purge and it should be done often! Let go of old negative emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and people. They will only bring you down and attract more negativity. Let it all go and press on in a positive path and the world will be a happier place for you…and that is the best time to let love come into your life!


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5 Responses to “Negativity Purge”

  1. trish

    Yes it is true “don’t let the turkeys get you down”.
    I was involved with a negative energy person, and I have never been so full of anger and negativity myself. It’s toxic.
    Stay away from me unless you are a positive person with Positive thinking.
    “easy-breezy” :)

  2. Positive Thinking on Negativity

    [...] [...]

  3. Miss MatchMaker

    Easy breezy! love it!!!


  4. Walaipan Thomas

    This is absolutely true. I am dealing with many energy vampires around me. They have sucked my energy up faster than I was able to refill my tank. I got rid of majority of them quickly after being identified. Unfortunately, I can’t get rid of all of them from my life. So I have to separate myself from them from time to time. I don’t expect them to change. So avoidance is a good choice to deal with these people.

  5. Rich P

    WOW!!! That audio just blew me away! Prior to my last relationship, I was on such a high. I even spoke to an audience about surrounding yourself with “Happy, Healthy, Positive thinking people”.

    Then I let her drag me down, suck the energy right out of me! I’m still in recovery mood. And even though this was such a short lecture, I feel like it spoke directly to me!

    Thank you Ray Stendall for the words of encouragement!!!

    Rich P

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