Million Dollar Booty Call?

bedOk, everybody’s following Tiger Wood’s life implosion. Why does a billionaire (yeah, billion), married to a knock-out model with two beautiful children and numerous multi-million dollar product endorsement deals throw it all away for a couple of Hooter’s waitresses? Are all men cheaters? Do all men lose good judgment in the face of some excellent cleavage?

Would Tiger have done the adultery he did if he knew he would get caught? Well, if he knew FOR SURE he would get caught AND if he knew FOR SURE the consequences (loss of wife, loss of millions in a divorce settlement, loss of millions in endorsement deals, public ridicule etc.) then there is little doubt Tiger would have been a good boy.


How did Tiger ever imagine he wouldn’t get busted? He’s in the public eye like presidents and rock-stars, he’s a super primo target for blackmailing tabloid hustlers and the simple fact is: WE SHOULD LIVE OUR LIVES LIKE EVERYTHING WE DO WILL EVENTUALLY BE FOUND OUT BECAUSE IT EVENTUALLY WILL BE. The ad line, “What goes on in Vegas, stay’s in Vegas” is simply that, AN ADVERTISING PITCH. Truth is, what goes on in Vegas is video taped by all the casino’s, recorded in a thousand different ways and subject to one friend’s drunken slip of the tongue.

Privacy is an illusion for most of us. Privacy for Tiger Woods is the ultimate oxymoron. It cannot be sustained.


What happened? Simply put, Tiger screwed up. Tiger may be the greatest golfer that ever lived, but his relationships skills are way below average. My best guess is Tiger will wind up paying about a million dollars per tryst. A MILLION DOLLARS PER BOOTY CALL? Not good economic sense. A monumental lapse in judgment.

To repeat, just because Tiger has near perfect judgment on the greens doesn’t mean he knows diddly about relationships or women!  Why do you think men cheat?


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28 Responses to “Million Dollar Booty Call?”

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  2. Christopher M. Wallace

    Because he can……

  3. James Michael Levy

    The question is not “why did Tiger cheat” but why did Tiger get married. I assume for image because it certainly was not to settle down.

  4. James Michael Levy

    Another point that has been bothering me — every article mentions the attractiveness of his wife. Is it ok to cheat on your wife if she is not that attractive? :)

  5. Christopher M. Wallace


  6. Thomas Spencer

    okay, that’s like asking if you buy a condom that is “ribbed for HER pleasure” and you don’t like the girl, is it okay to turn it inside-out? Ridiculous.

  7. James Michael Levy

    Will the condom still prevent pregnancy if worn inside out?

  8. Christopher M. Wallace

    Good point

  9. Dean Sadowski

    Analysis paralysis.

  10. Jeff Cole

    He must really like the wings!

  11. Jeff Cole

    Truthfully, fame at any level comes with Responsibility to those looking up to you. This is fame 101, taught by every PR company in existence. Lust will erase your moral memory… MAN or WOMAN.

  12. Miss MatchMaker

    lookie lookie mention booty call and all the boys run to my wall LOL…

  13. Heidi Law

    Well said Denise, as I was reading down glancing at all the names there and was like hmmm…interesting, all men! It goes without saying eh?!?! And Mr Wallace seems like he needs booty!

  14. Christopher M. Wallace

    I wouldn’t say “need” but if its around………’

  15. Heidi Law

    My oh my, look how quick even one responds! Yeh, I hear Hooters has a special going on right now…

  16. Christopher M. Wallace

    lol that is a tough choice breasts or thighs maybe both hmmm as long as its finger kicking good…

  17. Heidi Law

    Hot ‘n’ spicy with a touch of tabasco sounds more up your ally!

  18. Christopher M. Wallace

    Its a good start

  19. Heidi Law

    Then on your mark, get set, GO…

  20. Ken Foss

    Hi Denise – i just ready your article of which 50% or better talks about money.. which to Tiger im sure is insignificant because the new next generation golf ball will need an endorser, or a shoe or a blah blah blah. The dude has a sexual addiction & more than likely an alcohol problem. He will untimately admit it openly – and people will say ‘ … See Moredang – he is human’. Tigers taking a beating cause hes not talking. As for his indiscretions.. it takes two to tango and any of those girls could have said no at anytime. I feel sorry for none of them. You mess with teh bull – you get the horns. Do all men cheat – hell no and thats common knowledge. Bill Clinton, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan have all been down this road.. they are not even talked about in that light these days. Elin needs to forgive him or get out. Its that easy. Dont drag it out & keep throwing it in his face. He will be on the couch for awhile – he deserves that .. and more.. but not his life ruined.

  21. Kathy DeWitt

    Filet Mignon is good, I guess he wanted a Hamburger???

  22. Kathy DeWitt

    His Largest Sponsor “JUST DO IT”! He DID!!!

  23. Jeff Cole

    Just sayin’

  24. Heidi Law

    Perhaps he likes to ‘have it his way’

  25. Kevin Thornton

    It’s about the Chase not the catch, always has been from a male perspective! When a married lady forgets this simple fact it will be found else where! Blount but Honest! Not condoning dishonesty in a relationship, but this one simple fact leads to more break-ups than any other in a relationship!

  26. Dorothy Rimson

    Liked this one too….as previous one…

  27. Order Meds

    It was a very expensive mistake on his part..

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