I think I have heard it all…

Written by:  Kim Norton


OMG I love my job! Every day I come to work and talk to so many people and hear all of their stories and just when I thought I have heard it all…along comes the best excuse ever!

People come up with all kinds of excuses as to why they can’t make the time to come in and talk to us. They are busy with work, they are going out of town, they have family coming in etc. Essentially it all means the same thing: I don’t want to admit that what I have been doing isn’t working.

When you are sick you go to the doctor, when you have a legal issue you hire an attorney, when you have a tax question you call your accountant. Why is it so hard for someone to admit that they may need a little help when it comes to dating?

So back to my excuse story…I was on the phone with what seemed to be one of the smartest men I had talked to in a long time.  He is very successful in his career but has had some bad luck when it comes to picking women. Of course I won’t fill in all of the personal details here…but we get down to the bottom line “we need to schedule a time for you to come in” and here goes…the best excuse ever…his CAT has been feeling a little depressed lately and he really is not comfortable leaving his CAT home alone because he is already gone most of the day with his job and so he has to spend the evenings with his CAT in order to help decrease his CAT’s depression and anxiety!

Seriously people, I’m not that stupid and I know you don’t honestly believe your CAT is too depressed and this is why you can’t come in! If you are nervous about coming in just tell me. If you are hesitant about coming in be honest with me and maybe we can work through it. Please don’t try and sell me that your CAT suffers from depression!

Many people feel a little weird about coming in to talk to us and this is normal, most people have never been to a dating service before and really don’t know what to expect. Most people feel comfortable once they actually arrive and see it is a professional business and they find that the interview process is casual and a lot of fun!

The people we deal with are serious and sincere about meeting someone special. They are busy professionals, like yourself, who don’ t want to waste their time meeting they wrong people. Most of them are smart enough to have made the decision that it is time to do something different, something positive! So when I call you please don’t give me your excuses…I have officially heard them all!

LOL…thanks for listening to my vent!


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Kim is a Relationship Advisor who has worked in the matchmaking  industry for 8 years now.  Thanks for sharing Kim!


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One Response to “I think I have heard it all…”

  1. Trishy

    I think when someone is ready they will put themselves out there,
    sometimes they just need a little push…

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