Get Over Your Breakup In Just 21 Days

brokenMy friend Lisa Steadman authors The Breakup Chronicles and is also a relationship coach extraordinaire and best selling author, has a brand new book coming out today that will seriously rock your world if you’re going through a breakup or struggling to heal and move on from past heartbreak.  If you are working on being true to your authentic self I believe this could be a great tool and help you mend a broken heart!

The book is called  It’s A Breakup, Not A Breakdown The Workbook: A 21 Day Action Plan To Plot Your Revenge, Spoil Yourself, And Find Out How Good Life Is Without Him.

Great title, isn’t it?

Based on her private coaching practice working with women as they heal their hearts and reinvent their futures, this interactive workbook includes daily exercises and worksheets to help you:

  • Find an amazing support system to accelerate your recovery
  • Grieve like a widow so you can feel your pain without judging it Let yourself off the hook for letting some guy treat you so poorly
  • Incorporate healthy and nurturing behavior into your new daily routine
  • Understand why The Big Breakup is more excruciating and more exquisite than any breakup you’ll ever go through
  • Identify and release any fears that may be holding you back
  • Get clear about why your relationship ended, why it’s for the best, and what you really want in life and love

And so much more!

When you follow Lisa’s customized 21 day recovery action plan, you’ll heal your heart in record time. Plus, you’ll get clearer about what you’ll no longer put up with in life and love, identify your core values, and create a vision of the future that is oh-so-fabulous!

For information on ordering her book just click on the book title above!

About Lisa:

lisaInternationally known as The Relationship Journalist™, Lisa Steadman is an author, speaker, and coach dedicated to helping women move away from the pain of the past and into their brilliant futures. A multiple breakup survivor, Lisa stumbled and fell many times along her journey to happily ever after.  Along the way, she learned some valuable lessons, realized the importance of wakin’ up, breakin’ up, and movin’ on, and emerged from her Big Breakup stronger than ever – and determined to help others.  You can find Lisa on Facebook as well as her blog.





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3 Responses to “Get Over Your Breakup In Just 21 Days”

  1. Betty

    Great love this! Wish I could get over it in 21 minutes though :D

  2. sean

    not a great title! not all men are jerks, what about find out how good life is without her????? every relationship doesn’t end because he was a jerk and us good guys get too much slack because most people seem to think relationships end because of something HE did. why is that? in this day and age women are or can be as much to blame as any man. my ex of 8 years could only have sex with strangers. lets try to consider a mans feelings here since we have been ridiculed and tormented enough with the womens right age. today we don’t call cheating cheating, we call it freedom of association! what the _ _ _ _ does that mean, it’s ok to cheat? whatever!

  3. pell grant

    Thanks for some quality points there. I am kind of new to online , so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?

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