warningI was on my Facebook today and noticed under Relationship Status there was an option for “It’s Complicated.”  Which lead me to the thought of why not “I’m Complicated!” and while we are at it lets toss some more in the mix…I’m not perfect!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all came with warning labels?  “High Maintenance, Fears Commitment, Co-Dependent, Momma’s Boy, Jealous Tendencies etc.” Imagine being on a first date and being able to see that person’s true authentic self.  No games, no hidden agendas’ just the real person.  We could decide right there if we were interested in a second date. Life would be so much easier that way, at least single life that is…

All of the profile options out there on every site are aimed at making us look the best we possibly can online but is that truly the way to go?  Why not just be your authentic self?  We should want to be loved for who we are not who we portray ourselves to be.  Did you know that there are people out there in cyberspace that actually make a living designing online dating profiles for singles?

I remember reading somewhere that in life you learn that love isn’t about finding the perfect person or love, it’s about loving an imperfect person perfectly.  So be yourself and be proud of it! With that being said I would like to be the first to share my authentic self and say to the world “I’m Complicated!” and proud of it!  I believe that we need to know our strengths and weaknesses to remain true to our authentic self.  So here is my warning label, “Perfectly Imperfect”…what’s yours?


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6 Responses to “Complicated?”

  1. Betty

    I am in my brand new comfort outfit courtesy of the drug store and couldn’t be happier! I don’t think I will ever meet anyone because I am tired of getting all dressed up to go out THERE….I would rather just stay in here. The doctors call it depression but I just call it smart. Sick of all the players. Sick of allowing myself to be used in the game….would rather just sit in pink wife beaters and pajama pants and watch Alex Trebek.

    Because after all THAT is my authentic self. You are such a lovely writer and wise woman, thank you for being YOU!!!!

  2. Erin Happycamper

    hey, I’m complicated, too! and I usually give my dates warnings, but they blow them off…..*sigh*

    there is no win/win I guess when it comes to love and dating.

  3. Trishy

    My warning label would look like one you would find on a cigarette carton!
    “Warning: Stressed out mother of two! Maybe emotionally harmful to your health~
    Proceed with caution…..” ;)
    Everything seems complicated these days,
    “when the streets are wet~the colors slip into the sky~ but i don’t know why, that means you and I….” You finish the rest~

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  5. bobby

    I think I blogged about the “It’s complicated” issue before. I decided that after all is said and done that it doesn’t matter. A profile can go on to describe what it means by it’s complicated, as well as fill in as many facts as he or she wishes :)

  6. Zian Harrington

    Lol! The beginning was very funny and humorous! Well said Denise. I am complicated. ;)

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