Girl, He Is Not The One For You!!

Written by: Vivian Johnson

Now why would someone have to tell us that? We knew a long time ago, that he wasn’t the one for us, but decided to deal with it. Hoping that he will either: 1. change, 2. someone better would come along or 3. some misguided person would come along and take them from us! All of those reasons are poor…

As soon as you are sure he is not the one for you, it is time to call it quits! Even though we are usually too embarrassed to admit we knew it a long time ago!

You knew he wasn’t the one when…
He wrecked your car and left the scene of the accident because he didn’t have a drivers license. Not even a permit!

You knew he wasn’t the one when….
He tried to borrow money from your Ex!

You knew he wasn’t the one when…
You found out he couldn’t be on unemployment, because he was never, ever employed!

You knew he wasn’t the one when…
He threatened your children behind your back, and then lied about it.

You see, you’ve had signs all along, but you refused to acknowledge them. Staying with someone that “isn’t” the one isn’t fair to either of you. You need to move on…and he needs to get help.

A lot of singles hang on to who they currently have, while looking for someone else. That will usually backfire.

Make a clean break, and honestly start over with a totally clean slate. That is the only fair thing to do.

So, when someone you trusts tells you ‘Girl He Is Not The One For You!”, don’t get so defensive! Take a step back and evaluate the situation…then be totally honest with yourself! If you can honestly admit that he really isn’t the one? Cut your losses…and move on! You have millions of choices…there are no excuses!

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