Big No-No’s In Your Relationship with A Woman, Which She Secretly Wish You Knew!

Written by:   Cucan Pemo

There are things that women want men to know but do not tell them. This is going to mean the difference between a good relationship and a bad one. If men could only know about these things that are big no-no’s and knew what women wanted, they would be able to have happier relationships with the woman in their life.

1) Giving Respect is as Important as Getting It

One thing is respect. Women want to have respect. When it comes to respecting women, some men are not so good at it. This may end up resulting in them losing out in the relationship. It is important to show respect to a woman that you are involved with or any woman for that matter. Give them an opportunity to see that you can be a good guy and that you can respect what they believe and let them have their own feelings about things.

Respect is going to be shown through actions. You can do nice things for a woman like opening up the door, giving up your seat or talking to her differently with passion and concern. It is not acceptable to just fake some charm on a first date. You need to be real and up front about how you are going to be in the relationship on a day-to-day basis.

2) Being Kind to the World

Being kind is another secret that most men do not know that women want. Women want their man to be kind to everyone. They want them to nice to everyone that they meet to some degree.

Treating others nicely will mean that they are kind and are going to give the same type of treatment that they deserve and expect from everyone else. Kindness can go a long way to a women’s heart and it should be something that men think about.

3) Having Accountability for Actions

Women want men to have accountability. They wan to make sure that men are going to take the responsibility for the things that they have done. This can mean anything from the smallest problem to bigger life changing events that happen in their life. Women want to make sure that they are with a man that is going to be a stand-up guy and do what they are supposed to do.

4) Loving Family

One no no that women hate is a man that does not love her family. Women want to have a man that is going to love their family and take on the pressures of family life in a good way.

This means their parents, brothers, sisters and children all the same. They need to know that they can rely on their husbands or boyfriends to do what is needed of them. Most women need someone that they can trust and whom they know is going to be there for them when they are most in need.

5) Being Safe and Secure

Women want to also feel safe with their men. They want to know that they have nothing to worry about and that they are in good hands when they are with them. Having the feeling of security is going to mean all the difference when a woman is with their man. They want to be secure not only with their man but they also want to know that their man is going to be there to protect them when they need it the most.

Women need to make sure that their man is taking their relationship seriously. They want to know that their man is going to be there for them no matter what and they want to make sure that they are for real in the partnership.

Try not to joke around all the time and laugh about things in the relationship as this is going to insult some women and make them feel low. Women want their men to be committed and serious about what is going on in the relationship just as they do.


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6 Responses to “Big No-No’s In Your Relationship with A Woman, Which She Secretly Wish You Knew!”

  1. Carole Clarke

    Men are interested primarily in themselves. When dating, they are not really thinking long-term (marriage) they just want to enjoy themselves. Yet men are different than women. They must spend their lives with their sex organs outside the body while ours are inside. They were expected to go to war and generally run things for centuries and those expectations left an imprint on their behavior. Mostly they are up front about what they want but its not in their best interests to let you know. When a man is ready to settle down he’s willing to do so with practically the next female he starts dating. For him, all the females he dates are potential “Miss Rights” and falling in love and romance he leaves to novels. He’s far more practical in his approach. For any woman who has loved him but didn’t time his interest in her with his interest in settling down, you’re out of luck. His final choice may actually be a matter of luck and timing. And he will not feel he owes you an explanation. You may have cared for him, stuck by him in bad times, helped him recover from adversity but he may choose to marry someone else who happened along, caught his interest at the right moment and who has never spent a moment of time helping him. Love is not fair, it just is.

  2. S Nichols

    Nice photo – any message there?

  3. Trish

    I agree that men are much more selfish than women by nature, and need to be reminded of that . for them to see the great qualities in a woman is unusual,
    Which is why they are for the most part clueless, and need a good woman to keep them in line!!

  4. osman

    i looking for very lovely girl

  5. Eran

    Hmmm Trish… I think I can guess why you might be single???

    With an attitude like that, most guys will run for the hills unless they’re insecure/desperate.

    Guys do NOT need a woman (good or otherwise) to keep them in line. They need a good woman to share life with, love & respect him (and hopefully he’s smart enough to do the same back to her) and allow him to be him.

    Over the years, I’ve met more than a few woman who need a good man to keep them in line, so it’s not an exclusive male thing…

    Having said that, I don’t disagree with you that – in general – men are more selfish than women (that describes me, sadly), but I have yet to meet a woman who is a saint either.

    In my opinion, one of the biggest mistakes women make is trying to change men. Instead, they should learn to appreciate their good points. If their bad points are too bad, don’t be with them. Much simpler.

    I believe that if a man truly loves a woman (a GOOD woman, not some harpy he’s desperate to please), he will be INSPIRED to change for the better, to prove his love to her. That is an infinitely more powerful wonderful man than following your method. Try it, you might be surprised.

    PS: I am not some woman hater. I have just been around long enough to pick up a few hints of wisdom that just make sense… I certainly don’t know it all though.

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