Leap of faith…

51ccSaturday night I jumped.  I did it!  It was amazing, exhilarating and scary all at the same time.  I was standing there looking down with my heart racing and all I kept thinking was “this is crazy, I can’t do it!”  But I did!  I haven’t felt knots in my belly like that in such a long time and it was worth it! It made me feel alive.

Funny though, I got to thinking…why was it so hard to step off that 75 foot cliff?  I had my safety harness, something to hold on to and a big bouncy pillow to catch my fall.  I realized it was my aged wisdom that wanted to hold me back.

When we are young we take risks all the time.  As we get older we are less apt to take those risks and become more and more cautious with age.  In life however, we have no safety harness, no big bouncy pillows to catch our fall and sometimes we don’t even have anything to hold on to.  Yet maybe, just maybe, we should jump in life more often.  Maybe the risk is worth the exhilarating plunge.

When we are single that caution is sometimes exactly what keeps us single.  Maybe we need to walk straight off that single cliff and enjoy the free fall again.  So what if he is not there to catch our fall…worst case scenario we end up with a broken ankle…or heart.

At what point do we realize it’s more about the journey and not the destination.  We are old enough to know how to get from point A to point B but are we too old to enjoy the ride?

I want to be a little girl again; sometimes ignorance is bliss…and exhilarating!!


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10 Responses to “Leap of faith…”

  1. Little Miss Murphy

    I wished the pics would have come out better!!! Next time we go during the day! It is so much like life, once you make it through the challenge unscathed, you are so exhilerated!!!! Next time I am doing the flip or swan Dive!!!!! Great Job girlie!

  2. Miss MatchMaker

    You know I probably wouldn’t have done it without you!! Swan Dive at sunset with a better camera!!!!


  3. Jen

    Jump – Just do it!

    I love the leap, the feeling, the excitment!

    I cant tell you how much Iwish more people would just JUMP!

  4. Miss MatchMaker

    It sure would make your job a lot easier!!!!



    WHERE are you bungy jumping that it’s only 75 feet? Didn’t know they had bungy jumping in the playground at McDonalds……lmao

    Just messin’ witcha hotstuff….glad you dug it. Come bridge dive w/ me sometime, or a tandem base jump.


  6. Miss MatchMaker

    lol I don’t think it would matter if it was 75 feet or 175 feet…what is that old saying hhmmmm lol

    bridge dive….thinking….


  7. Trish

    I loved it! We should all do more jumping,
    Thanks for calling me and wishing me a Happy Birthday right after you jumped!
    Proud and happy for you!
    and ~ Happy Spring!
    Call me soon, :)

  8. Miss MatchMaker

    It was great Trish I wish you could have been there!!! Keep jumping!


  9. Mama Kitty

    D I was considering that leap….and ahhh ha he proved himself to be the typical guy!!


  10. Miss MatchMaker

    Keep the faith Mama Kitty! One of them will eventually be worth it…if we can ever make it past the 3 week mark lmao!!! Love you!


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