Drive through dating…

So you put up a picture of yourself, write a few paragraphs full of clichés like “I’m easy going, honest, loyal and hard working etc.”  You spend hours online sorting through profiles full of the same clichés you just wrote about yourself and hope to find someone who has things in common with you.  Just because you both like bowling doesn’t mean you are going to live happily ever after!

What we all want is to find that person who fulfills what needs we are missing.   We want the other half who completes us.  How do we find that amongst thousands of clichés?  Where is the romance, the passion?  How can you tell if the butterflies are there by reading a few clichés and looking at a picture.   We fall in love with someone because of some qualities and despite others.   This can only be done in person, which means you actually have to date!

Have we forgotten what romance is all about?   In this day and age of convenience, has online dating become the drive through in which you place your order and hope that when you pull up to the window Mr./Miss Right is all packaged up and ready for you to live happily ever after?

I can see myself now pulling up to the drive through, reviewing the menu and ordering him up…“Yes please I’ll take the # 1 Mr. Right Combo.  The one who can protect me from all evils, has the ability to support me emotionally, will make love to me like no other man ever has.   Oh but you can hold the good genetics because I already have a child.  And could you toss in a side of romance and laughter for me…”  With my luck they would be all out of # 1’s and I’d be stuck trying to choose between #’s 2 & 3 attempting to read between the lines full of clichés.  The curse of a matchmaker lol…a blog for another day!

Seriously people!   Get off the computer and get back in the real world where you can actually meet real people and take the time to get to know them because we are all perfectly imperfect!


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18 Responses to “Drive through dating…”

  1. Micah

    Wonderfully said! I was just saying this to my girlfriend the other day. When I ask someone what their looking for and they say “honest, loyal, fun…..” Duh!!! No one ever asks me for a boring, lying, cheater!!!

  2. Miss MatchMaker

    And what is funny is they typically end up with someone that is totally different from what they ask for! My favorite example was the guy who came in saying her wanted a strong independent woman and that is what we gave him…a month later he was in tears because she had no time for him because she was running her business!!! Let’s face it none of us really have any idea what we want!!! lol


  3. Destin Girl

    This whole online dating seems to be just about who is the prettiest and who is the best salesman! Most everyone else falls into the cliches you speak of. I love how you point out that we are all “perfectly imperfect.” Everyone has flaws and we don’t advertise them on the online profiles. Let me know when they stock up on the # 1 combos, that sounds good to me.

  4. Miss MatchMaker

    Yeah not once have I ever seen a profile that says “I’m a momma’s boy, I am bipolar, I need a woman to shave my back and did I mention I have no job…” lol


  5. DW

    I’ve been off and on a variety of these dating sites for about two years now and I couldn’t have said it better myself. It does become very frustrating at times and I do prefer the real face to face dating much more!

    “We fall in love with someone because of some qualities and despite others.” well said!

  6. Miss MatchMaker

    Thanks DW. I agree the face to face concept works much better!!!


  7. Rhonda

    There is no substitute for real dating. I wasted way too much time online and still ended up alone. There has to be an easier way! I wish I lived there so I could have you match me up!

  8. Miss MatchMaker

    Rhonda drop me an email and let me know where you live. I will refer you to a matchmaker in your area if you wish!



    Ok, so here’s a guys perspective –

    We’re not the ONLY ONES full of it!

    Why do women feel like it’s ok to post pics from college that are 15 years old? I KNOW it’s not everyone, but it’s my experience in the past. You want a guy to be straight up and honest, but you either won’t POST your picture (and I kinda get why for safety and all that) or you post pics of you in a bikini your Sr year in college BEFORE 2 kids and regular trips to Golden Corral –

    Or you’re that 3rd person, that wants to get online and bash the OTHER women for working out and being in shape…”I’m no skinny Barbie”…or “I’m not some annorexic (-10 points for spelling) bleach blonde.

    If you want to be accepted for who YOU are, why not accept that SHE CHOSE to have augmentation, highlight her hair, or do whatever? If you want to be loved for who YOU are, why can’t THEY be loved for who they are?

    It’s OK that you’ve had kids since then and are shaped differently. Dear Christ, do you think I look like I DID as a college football player? Jesus man, I look like I’m still wearing my shoulder pads, but AROUND MY WAIST.

    Anyway…..So then we DO meet you, and you think we’re all into the physical because right off THE BAT we’re not into being there and you can tell. We get a bad rap with comments like…”he wanted some skinny model” or some crap..\

    No! You LIED! Right off the bat, you LIED! You want someone genuine, and straight…hahahaha what’s the line…”no game players/no head games”….and you come from jump with a big ass misleading LIE just to get us talking!

    JUST LIKE YOU, we find confidence really REALLY sexy. So WHAT if you’re a big girl.. BE YOURSELF AND DON’T HATE. So WHAT if you have small boobs…don’t hate the chick that bought hers, cuz that’s not hot.

    We want a girl that we can hang with, that’s not mean to the waitress and is chill. For Gods Sake girls, NO YOU CAN’T ALL LOOK LIKE Sandra Bullock or whoever, and that’s ok….we really DON’T care… just give us Non-Brad Pitt’s a break too.

    We have to go into salesman role sometimes because you make us do it.

    I’ll stop now, and might I say Miss Matchmaker you look DAMN SEXY in that shirt……WOW.


  10. Miss MatchMaker

    Great rant TJ!!! I love it except for one thing…”We have to go into salesman role sometimes because you make us do it.” No one makes anyone do anything, they are choices we make and we can decide to make shit up or we can decide to be honest. I can’t imagine being honest would get all the hot chicks or guys for that matter but THAT IS MY POINT! If more people would just recognize that we are all perfectly imperfect (even us hotties) then we would all be better off in the long run. It is all a scam we ‘bought into’ and because there is no one that polices the internet people feel they can say and do as they please based on peer pressure and lack of consequences! Which goes back to an earlier blog I did Still looking for love online? I have to say I admire your candor TJ! Stop by anytime!

    And p.s. thanks for the compliment ;)


  11. TJ Kelley

    Let me clarify –

    THERE’S A HUUUUUUUUGE difference between going into salesman mode, and flat out lying. If by salesman mode you mean LYING, then he’s no different than the girl w/ the outdated pics.

    When I say salesman mode, I mean something totally different altogether.

    The ONLY REASON I mean you make us go into salesman mode is that if we’re not one of those dudes at AJ’s with the shiny shirts and that silly ramped up in the front jelled hairdo, we’re not trendy or cool, and we’ve seen that THOSE are the guys you go all ga-ga over…

    NOT the dude that’s built like a truck who’s head is too big that you never got close enough to to notice that his eyes will burn a hole in you…. *hint WE never get a second look, we’re terrified of crab island cuz we look like HELL next to all the buffed up military guys, and we may be funny as HELL on the radio, but in person we’re geeks.

    Incidentally, off topic. What’s the story w/ that sorta mohawk thing, where they cut their hair so it makes them look like an arrowhead? DUDE..sack up and either get the mohawk or not…..

    Ok, anyway. Someone said earlier that they’ve never seen a post that said “I need someone to shave my back and I’m bi-polar”.

    I can’t REACH my back, and that’s a bonafide medical condition, but by the posters admission those are negative traits in a man. So, to negate the damage done by my little Greek Grandfather who’s gene’s ensured that I’m a fuzzy guy, I have to overcompensate elsewhere to get you past the fact that I have a hairy back.

    And guess what…I WAS a Momma’s Boy too. Doesn’t mean I can’t put a 5 inch dent in someone’s head for disrespecting you, but if you can be Daddy’s Little Girl, why can’t I be Momma’s Boy?

    I love women. Tall, Short, nearsighted w/ laptops in mens shirts…whatever. But there’s a double standard here that’s not fair.

    I KNOW you’ve been dealt the short straw where the man/woman double standard rule comes into play since we were in high school with things like sex partners making me a hero and you a slut….and that’s not right either, but that’s not the topic.

    Quit being so quick to judge girls. We’re SCARED TO DEATH of you, and just as nervous meeting you as you are us. We’re men..the hunter, gatherer, conqueror so we deal with it differently than you.

    T Jizzle

  12. Miss MatchMaker

    Hey TJ sorry for misinterpreting what you were trying to say. As for those guys we go “ga ga” over well those are the ones who usually treat us like shit and break our hearts! At some point we all typically mature anyways and at that point it is not all about the looks its about what is inside! Hell you would have never guessed I married a short, aging, balding man either and NO it was not for money!!!! We are all scared to death and I suppose that is the point! Good luck to you out there sweetheart and like you said earlier, it is confidence (Read This) that is sexy!

    p.s. the glasses were just a prop! lol


  13. Trish

    The dating world is more different now than ever before. What happened to meeting people in person? the on-line dating world is out-of-control!
    If you’ve never tryed it, I must admit, the first time around it’s quite fun and amusing. You can sit home in your sweats, with a cup of coffee, and look for a boyfriend from the coziness of your own home, who would have thought?
    But if you are seriously looking, it can be nothing but frustrating and depressing. There are so many “cyber” mr. and Miss. Rights out there.
    And so many cyber wierdos! Have fun but be careful. The Old fashioned way of meeting someone: meeting through friends, some where along the way, face to face, is best. no doubt. So keep your face away from the computer screen and face the real world! And good luck!

  14. Miss MatchMaker

    Hey Trish you know I have a free membership waiting for you up there when you want it!!!!!


  15. bobby

    I don’t think people are going to go out and meet in person more by doing the online thing less. I have blogged about the idea that online will get much much bigger in the future. There’s good news though, people are meeting on meetup, twitter, youtube and then meeting in person from that :)

    Seems that the dating options are increasing.

    bobby’s last blog post..Things that inspire

  16. Miss MatchMaker

    Dating options are definitely increasing especially now with the future of online dating sites going free. I just think this will frustrate people more and more since the barrier of entry is dropping. I think the real problem is that there are so many options online that people actually confuse IMing and emailing with actually dating and lose their social skills to some degree.


  17. Doc

    I’ll take the number one combo please! ;)

    Doc’s last blog post..Amen to the Obesity Tax, Let’s Just Call it Something Else


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