Men have their periods too…

Call it what you want but we all know it is true…they really do! I was talking with two of my friends today that having recently entered into new relationships and they both had the same critical concerns. “Everything has been going so great but now, I feel like he is pulling back…” Well of course he is! He has just realized that it is more than just “dating” and it scares the %^#@ out of him. Let him be. Do not chase. The more you pursue, the more he will retreat. Give him some space, stop over analyzing and let it take its own natural course.

Think about it, once a month we feel bloated, irritated and want to be left alone. Well so do they! They just don’t have they same physical symptoms as we do…

Yes, he is going to pull away after a month or so of good times! It scares the *#@% out of him that he may actually have something worth while. Some call it the pull away phase and if you can survive that, you have it made. Others believe it is more about his time to re-establish his independence. Once he sees you have given him his space, he will typically come running back when he realizes he doesn’t even really want it.

It is not a matter of whether he is or is not that “into you.” It is more about how you handle the situation at hand. You can not control anyone’s behavior but your own, so control your behavior ladies! When you chase him down and confess your new found undying love for him don’t expect it back in return, just look for the skid marks in your driveway. BUT, if you give him enough time to realize what he’s got, without you pushing it in his face, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you get in return.

Enjoy the snow storm sweet girl, I told you he would show up! We are all a little loco every once in awhile… and so are they! Merry Christmas lovie!

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11 Responses to “Men have their periods too…”

  1. Destin Girl

    Truer words have never been spoken MM! :)

  2. Miss MatchMaker

    Seriously, that is just the way it is,,,


  3. bobby

    Love it! Great advice.

    But, we do know that men really do have physical/biological periods, right? :)

    bobby’s last blog post..Dates-made to order

  4. Miss MatchMaker

    LOL thanks Bobby!

    p.s. I have been so busy lately but I will email you as soon as I post your guest write!!!!


  5. Micah

    I believe I have heard this before….Lol! It’s hard to do, but always worth it in the end, ya know when it works.

  6. Miss MatchMaker

    Yeah, I think we have had this conversation a few times lol!


  7. Justin

    I have permanent PMT!
    Have a very Merry Christmas MM, and a Happy and Peaceful New Year

  8. Caseydilla

    Hey, this is sooo true. I’m going through this right now! the over analyzing and such. Came in super handy!

    Caseydilla’s last blog post..Going Into Hibernation

  9. Angel

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  10. kate spencer

    That’s true, so true. That’s just what happened to me and my, after our dates, suddenly, it felt like he’s making excuses just to cancel our date. But when I didn’t answered his calls back, he’s totally reaching for me.

    Now we’re ok, he’s actually the one who’s fixing our dates now.

    Kate of

    kate spencer’s last blog post..Finance in Marriage: Before and After Single Life

  11. Hisham

    interesting post, you came up with things that no body maybe thought about it :)

    Hisham’s last blog post..3 Steps for Using Shoes as a Master Tool for Media and Dialogue!

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