Leave your fruit in the car!



The greatest compliment you can pay someone is your undivided attention.  In this day and age of technology we have learned to become masters of multitasking.  You can be on the phone, check your email and read a text message all at once and on the same gadget!  While this may be great for your career it will not be all that great when it comes to getting a second date.  Rule number one: leave your really cool new fruit (which ever you may own) in the car!

If you are going to make the time in your day to spend with someone MAKE the time in your day and make that time special.  Everything else can wait and if it can’t, don’t bother making the date in the first place.  Even when you turn your gadget to silent or vibrate it makes no difference if you are constantly checking your missed calls, text messages or email.  Telling someone they look good or you like their outfit means nothing when you are not even looking at her/him.  Do you want to really learn how to compliment someone?

Let me repeat myself: the greatest compliment you can pay someone is your undivided attention! Look into their eyes, not all around them.  Listen, no really listen and hear what the other person is saying.  Ask questions that pertain to the conversation at hand.  Acknowledge that you understand how that person sitting in front of you actually feels.  Learn how to make that person feel as if they are the only person in the world at that very moment in time!

Learning how to pay attention to someone could make the difference on whether you remain single or have someone to kiss goodnight on a regular basis.  And for those of you in a relationship, it could mean the difference between a kiss goodnight and sleeping on the couch.  I am just saying…it’s not the fruit you need to be worrying about going bad now is it?


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16 Responses to “Leave your fruit in the car!”

  1. Destin Girl

    This is funny because it is so very true! I can’t tell you how many times I have been on dates where the guy is always checking his phone it is so annoying! I have sorta made it a rule that if he pays more attention to his phone over me he just isn’t worth it because it only gets worse. Thanks Miss Matchmaker this one was great. I am definitely going to forward this one to a few of my guy friends :)

  2. Miss MatchMaker

    lol some women are just as guilty of this one as men! You are correct, it does only get worse, people will treat you the way you allow them to treat you. ;)

  3. DW

    Miss Matchmaker you don’t have to worry about me with this one because I certainly understand how to give my undivided attention to a lady!

  4. Miss MatchMaker

    DW I don’t doubt you at all!


  5. Trish

    My ex-boyfriend’s New Blackberry was the End of our relationship.
    How embarrassing for me to go out with him, and only get his back while he was on his “crack-berry!”
    We would go on double-dates with my friends, and out it came!
    My friends even made comments about it.
    I finally would yell “Don’t pull it out!” and I didn’t mean his banana :)

  6. Miss MatchMaker

    Trish you always make me laugh! I considered the banana analogy but thought it may be a bit much LMAO!! I love you girl !


  7. lrough

    Truer words were never spoken. Nothing is more annoying than the silly songs/sounds emmiting from either a phone or blackberry. It’s even more annoying sitting across from someone while they talk to someone else, waiting to resume a conversation. The funniest….having lunch and the blackberry vibrates across the table and onto the floor.

  8. Miss MatchMaker

    OMG I can just see that phone vibrating it’s way off the table lol


  9. Micah

    I’ve experienced both sides of this and needless to say I’ve learned my lesson and so has he!! Honestly it’s not that I’m soo important that I can’t leave my phone for a minute. It’s just a horrible nervous habit to check my phone repeatedly over and over and over again. I see how it could get annoying when he trys to get me back! Now my Hunk gets my undivided attention. (at least when we are together, lol)

  10. Steven

    One morning a few months ago, I bought some bananas (which we all know is the penis extension of the fruit world) and since I had to do some work for the day, I left them in the passenger seat of my car — a yellow Lotus Elise (which is of course merely another penis extension as you so readily like to state about any and all fun & exotic sports/race cars). It was a sunny day and as the sun moved across the sky from east to west, its rays fell incrementally more and more on the bananas. By the time I came back to the car a few hours later, the sun had turned the once yellow skin of the bananas on the top to a dark brown halfway up — only to the point to where the sun’s progression had advanced and only on that side — the other end and the underside of the bananas were still pristine yellow.

    So, how do I reconcile that firsthand experience with what you’re saying? I left fruit in the car and it went bad quickly. Is there any way to succeed or are we screwed no matter what?

    ps, my statistics from http://www.getyousomesteven.com show an inordinate amount of traffic at all sorts of odd hours originating from the panhandle of Florida. What’s the deal with that? haw haw haw

  11. Miss MatchMaker

    Only you Steven! What’s worse is I remember you telling me this story…damn we are pathetic LOL and I am going to purchase that domain site for you maybe for Christmas!


  12. bobby

    “If you are going to make the time in your day to spend with someone MAKE the time in your day and make that time special. Everything else can wait and if it can’t, don’t bother making the date in the first place. ”

    This is the meat of the story and I couldn’t agree more :)

    bobby’s last blog post..A clarification on alpha males

  13. Miss MatchMaker

    You are a wise man Bobby!


  14. Doc

    My biggest pet peeve is when people are constantly text messaging while you are hanging out. I know we all are guilty of it from time to time but if you have to send more than five text messages while you are out to dinner or drinks then I probably won’t be hanging out with that person again. Ugh! Great post dear :D

    Doc’s last blog post..How to Transform Fear

  15. Miss MatchMaker

    Doc please…like you would tolerate four and hang out with him again? Seriously?


  16. Justin

    This is SO true MM. Theres nothing worse than someone not listening to what you’re saying in normal conversation, say at work, but on a date?! Why don’t they just get up and leave…?

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