Living vs Existing

So many people become caught up in the monotonous trap of existing through what they perceive life to be.  They wake up and start their normal routine; eat the same breakfast, take the same route to work, eat lunch at the same restaurant, finish work, take the same route home, have the same dinner, watch the same TV shows, sign on to the same website, go to sleep and wake up only to do it all over again the very next day.  Some people even consider themselves happy with the comfort of such a routine.  To this I have to ask:  when is the last time you laughed so hard it made you belly hurt? 

When is the last time you helped an old lady cross the street?  When is the last time you felt a sense of accomplishment?  When is the last time you felt unique or special?  When is the last time you felt real joy?  When is the last time you felt like you really mattered to someone else?  When is the last time you learned something new and grew as a person?

Sometimes we get stuck in our comfort zones and forget to actually live!  Maybe it is because we like the certainty of knowing exactly what to expect out of the safe and secure life we have built.  To me it is really just a cop out when we function through an existence and forget how to live.  Are we really that afraid of change?  Possibly even scared of being hurt again…and doesn’t that life of comfort become stifling and painful within itself?  This is a form of self isolation we create by choosing only to exist.

We exist because we have to but we live because we choose to.  It is okay to crave something different.  It is okay to spice things up a little even if it just means taking the long way home.  While you are at it, stop to pick a wild flower from the side of the road and then give it to a complete stranger.  Sign up for dance lessons, reconnect with an old friend, make a new friend, plant a tree, get a pet, learn a new language, offer the neighbor to help bring in the groceries, buy a new outfit, change your hair color, something, anything, please just try something new!

So stop and look around, what small changes can you make in your life?  Think of three, just three things you can do differently that will make you smile.  Now go do them and when you are done maybe, just maybe, you will be ready to date again!

THIS is the difference between living and existing…


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13 Responses to “Living vs Existing”

  1. DW

    This is so very true! Sometimes I get stuck in a “rut” and all it takes to bring me out is something new even if it is only something small like you said. Just changing up my daily routine sometimes brings a new adventure.

  2. Miss MatchMaker

    You always have such a great attitude DW!


  3. Karen

    I love your outlook on life! I look forward to reading your posts each week Miss Matchmaker.

  4. Miss MatchMaker

    Thanks Karen, I wish I had time to post each week. I’ll try my best to keep up with it!


  5. Rhonda

    I really believe that we all need a little different uupphhhh in life here and there!

  6. Miss MatchMaker

    Variety is that special spice I am talking about Rhonda!


  7. Shamelle- TheEnhanceLife

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post on people-pleasing.
    Sure.. I wouldn’t mind a link.

    I love the energy here… great blog

  8. Miss MatchMaker

    Thanks Shamelle! I am going to put the link on my Caregiver Syndrome post!


  9. Tom Volkar / Delightful Work

    I like your distinction between living and existing. Shaking things up is fun and always pays off in ripples of positive influence. I’m heading to the gym right now and
    thanks to your inspiration I’m going to compliment three perfect strangers.

  10. Miss MatchMaker

    That sounds great Tom!!! I was leaving my doctors appointment the other day and while pulling out I noticed an elderly couple attempting to cross the parking lot and he had fallen to his knees from his walker and couldn’t get up. I put the car in park and pulled my crutches out of the back seat and hobbled over to help them. I was surprised that the other people were just driving by and not even stopping to help! So go give those compliments and help make the world a better place in any way you can!


  11. pmd

    this is the epitome of my philosophy of life. LIVE and enjoy, why waste a single minute of the time we have on earth when there are so many wonderful things to see and experience!

    pmd’s last blog post..Love Quote of The Day

  12. Miss MatchMaker

    It’s a good way to live!


  13. Doc

    What great words of wisdom!

    Doc’s last blog post..Amen to the Obesity Tax, Let’s Just Call it Something Else

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