20 Fun Facts, Random Realities & Bonus Guilty Pleasures About Me and How it Applies to Dating!

Denise Levy wp1.  I am perfectly imperfect just like you! I like to believe we are all perfectly imperfect and by acknowledging this one little fact we allow ourselves to find the one whose imperfections we can tolerate.

2.  I don’t like sweets, I never have!  My mom says it’s because I am sweet enough.

3.  I have real diamonds on my belly button! Despite my fear of needles and lack of tattoos I got my belly button pierced out of spite…but that is a story for another day.

4.  For 2 years I wrote poetry and erotic prose under a pseudonym as blogger on myspace!

5.  I forgot Algebra. Sometimes I think my 15 year old is smarter than me…

6.  Although I love fashion, getting my hair, nails and makeup done I spend most of my days in cutoff jean shorts, t-shirts, no makeup and hair up in a ponytail! Yes I am a girly girl but I am also fortunate enough to work from home most days and only scheduled client meetings a few days a week.

7.  As a child I took violin lessons and rather than sleeping with a stuffed animal I would snuggle up to my violin. As an adult, I have no idea how to read music and prefer to snuggle up to my husband.

8.  To look at me no one would ever guess I grew up with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and still deal with it to this day in addition to fibromyalgia and being post menopausal by the age of 40!  Lesson:  Do not judge a book by it’s cover!

9.  Speaking of covers, I’ve been on the cover of a magazine but not as a model or matchmaker but of all things my RA.  Click Here to check it out!

10.  In my early 20’s I taught a parenting class despite the fact that I did not have a child until the age of 31. Speaking of which, *bonus fact*:  I had in vitro, it failed and the way it failed is worse:  Aunt Flo visited during midnight mass Christmas Eve at the Vatican! I did get pregnant a month later after visiting the grave sites of my ancestors.

11.  I am clumsy and if I have to hold on to something long enough you can be sure I will drop it! If you ever toss something to me, you can be sure I will NOT catch it no matter how hard I try…and I will try.

12.  However clumsy, I can stand on my tiptoes. I took dance lessons as a child and somehow can still stand on my tiptoes despite the fact that I have no grace LOL.

13.  I love Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and anything else Shonda Rhimes paired with a good Cabernet Sauvignon, cheese and crackers!  Fall Thursday nights are always a compromise of Shonda vs NFL in our household.

14.  In elementary school I stole a piece of bubble gum from the corner store and have never forgiven myself for it. My mother’s Italian guilt runs through my veins.

15.  I am hopelessly in love with Tom Brady and secretly would run away with him the day he leaves his wife. And yes, secretly my husband is ok with that because he get’s Gisele if I get Tom!  Who is your celebrity crush?

16.  I am the world’s worst driver and truly do not understand how I am even allowed to possess a driver’s license. I’ve had more than one parking lot accident LOL.

17.  On more than one occasion when my husband has fallen asleep on the couch and I got bored I painted his toenails red!

18.  I never would have graduated college without spell check.

19.  I don’t cook. My husband is the household chef and I am so very ok with that. My grandmother once taught me to whip up a few bad meals at first and they quickly take over LOL.

20.  I totally believe in karma.  Which is why I always under promise and over deliver!

Bonus Guilty Pleasures:  Sunday morning mimosas, 80’s music, fake eyelashes, cinnamon gum and bubblegum lip gloss!

So now that you get the idea of Fun Facts, Random Realities & Guilty Pleasures I want to hear yours in the comments!

What is the point of all this? Your mission if you choose to accept it:  I want you to start thinking outside the box and apply this lesson to dating! Use it in your online dating profile or even on a first date! Be authentically YOU! Not just honest, caring and fun loving with a good sense of humor…don’t say it, SHOW IT!


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3 Responses to “20 Fun Facts, Random Realities & Bonus Guilty Pleasures About Me and How it Applies to Dating!”

  1. Clarissa Silva

    I love this list! What a great strategy to apply to online dating profiles and dates! Maybe people will stop lying on their profiles! Maybe people will get better matches! Imagine all of the possibilities :)

  2. Tom Lehner

    This is the most awesome List, I laughed my rear six off, I wish dating profiles would be that honest

    1) I snore when I am sleeping
    2) I am an early riser
    3) I can not speak nor be spoken too unless I have my first cup of coffee – as a matter of fact Toms rule #23 Never come between me and my coffee
    4) Yes I DO HAVE 50 golden rules I wrote them down once for fun
    5) I like things neat and clean and it drives me crazy when its not
    6) I love chocolate before going to bed I always have some on my night stand
    7) I am a news junkie
    8) I learned to play the flute and then the trumpet when I was 6 years old
    9) I can negotiate a business deal in a day, talk all day about any topic no matter what, but when dating I hardly ever know what to talk to a woman.
    10) I am still embarrassed about certain topics

    there is a lot more but I don’t think I feel like getting more embarrassed today …….

    You wrote a great blog Denise (and by the way I did post it on facebook but those morons don’t let me tag you for whatever reason)

  3. Miss MatchMaker

    Tom I love your list! Thank you for sharing :)

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