My drug of choice…

I have known people who are addicted to chocolate.   I have know people who are addicted to exercise and working out.  So what is a matchmaker doing writing about strange addictions?  Well love and romance, in a sense, are addictions as well.  PEA (phenylethylamine) is the one common factor in chocolate, exercise and new love.  PEA is a stimulant that the body produces naturally.  It is responsible for the high that surges into our brain chemistry causing the feelings of euphoria, alertness and attraction.  

PEA is commonly referred to as the “love molecule” in the world of science.  It works as a neurotransmitter to release endorphins that encourage a feel good cocktail to flow through your brain.

Have you meet anyone new and intriguing lately?  Butterflies in the belly, sweaty palms, can’t sleep, can’t concentrate, not really sure what to say next?  This is when your brain is producing PEA which in turn triggers monoamines.  Monoamines are the brain chemicals that excite us and make us feel happy.  Dopamine, norepihephrine and serotin can be a very addictive and they play a strong role in this part of a new romance.

Chocolate has long been associated with love and romance.  It is Cupid’s candy.  We give chocolate as a gift to our lover on Valentines Day.  PEA compound is found in chocolate and it is believed to be a positive mood enhancer.  It is thought that chocolate essentially mimics the brain chemistry of someone falling in love.  PEA is also found in strawberries, oh how I love chocolate covered strawberries!

It is believed that exercise increases the natural levels of PEA.  Studies have shown that PEA is responsible for “runners high.”  It is that feeling you get after a good work out when you push your body just a little further than you normally do, oh so addictive.  In March of 2008 The New York Times reported “Often, those who said they experienced an intense euphoria reported that it came after an endurance event.”  Hmmm…

My name is Miss MatchMaker and I am a chocoholic who just got home from the gym and caught myself thinking about a boy while eating a strawberry lol…we all are naturally addicted to PEA!

How do you get your fix?



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27 Responses to “My drug of choice…”

  1. Michael

    First I must say I loved the video. More importantly I agree with the rush of a good work out. I can’t say I have ever felt it with chocolate. I am 32 years old and still enjoy the high of a new romance. I suppose maybe it is an addiction because I am always seeking that feeling with women. I think maybe the high wears off with the newness of a relationship and I have yet to be able to find one woman who can continue feeding the addiction.

  2. Miss MatchMaker

    Michael it appears your brain has not taken you to the attachment level which produces a different brain chemistry. I will be addressing this in another blog soon. Please stop by again and check it out…


  3. Karen

    I need this PEA stuff!!!!

  4. Miss MatchMaker

    We all do!


  5. Steven

    You know what you need to get you some of . . .

  6. Miss MatchMaker

    LOL love you!


  7. Rhonda

    I suppose it makes sense. So I either have to start dating, get fat or get tone? Tough choice! LOL

  8. Miss MatchMaker

    Why chose just one ;)


  9. Trish

    My drug of choise is SEX!! A newly discovered drug after 10 years with the wrong man!

  10. Miss MatchMaker

    Well that is the next drug and probably the next blog. Sex entices the brain to release a different chemical. In fact it is the “bonding” chemical, but I’ll save that write for later…love you Trisheee!


  11. Tiffany

    I love the feeling of pea. I’d love it if that feeling would stay throughout the term of all relationships. The world would be a better place

  12. Miss MatchMaker

    You are right Tiff, it sure would.


  13. Jackie

    Where do I buy this stuff again :-)

  14. Miss MatchMaker

    Well…I will call you.


  15. Julie

    Miss Match….you’re helping me thru a difficult time….thank you for you articles.

  16. Miss MatchMaker

    I am glad you enjoy them Julie. It is good to know that I am actually doing some good here!


  17. Andrea

    And now I figured it out…I was using the wrong drug. Thanks girl!

  18. Miss MatchMaker


  19. Shannon

    Chocolate. strawberries, cute boy, and endurance event, now that sounds good!

  20. Miss MatchMaker

    Yep, it actually sounds like a plan waiting to happen LOL


  21. Thomas

    Guess what? I met someone!

  22. Miss MatchMaker

    YEAH Thomas!!!! I will call you for the scoop soon!


  23. Liz

    i cant wait till the next blog about sex and bonding comes out. you are providing me with such great insight. it is very empowering to have this knowledge. i can see why you are so great at what you do

  24. Miss MatchMaker

    I am glad you keep reading Emily! Thanks for the compliments as well. I am probably going to have a friend co-write that one with me, she is a doctor and can provide some good insight!


  25. Lyn

    I must say I’m addicted to chocolate…and my favorite fruit is strawberries. I didn’t realize strawberries had that same effect!

  26. Miss MatchMaker

    They are a delightful combination!


  27. Doc

    I can’t wait to work with you on the sex one!

    Doc’s last blog post..Amen to the Obesity Tax, Let’s Just Call it Something Else

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