She can’t afford to treat…

postitOne of my best friends called me up with a very important question last night.  She has recently graduated college and is not in the best financial situation yet.  She has been dating a new boyfriend for about a month now and fortunately he has been paying for just about everything.  Even though she knows she can’t afford it, she wanted to treat one night but hasn’t yet.  She asked me at what point does she have to open her purse even though it is empty?

I remember reading somewhere that if a women can’t afford to treat for an expensive dinner or gift than it is always best to do something little to show her appreciation.  I told her to review in her mind some of the things that are important to him, things he has shown an interest in and come up with a gift from the heart.  This shows that you have actually listened to him and remember his likes.

- For instance if he enjoys a certain type of music burn him a special CD of music that he will enjoy.

- A trip to the bookstore to find something you know he would be interested in.

- Take him to one of the old fashion photo booths where they spit out 3 or 4 silly pictures of the two of you.  This is always a fun way to spend time together and provides you with and opportunity make it into a creative card or gift to remind him of her fondness of him.

- If you spend the evening at his place, wake up before he does and put on the brightest lipstick you have.  Go into the bathroom and kiss his mirror precisely where it would fall on his cheek.  When he goes to the bathroom in the morning it will be the first thing he notices.

- Buy a pack of sticky notes and keep them in your purse, write something short and/or sexy than place them in odd places…like on the screen of his laptop so when he opens it up to start work for the day he starts his day with a smile.

Can you think of any other inexpensive kind gestures to recommend?

And MEN, how do you feel about this?  Would you truly appreciate a gift from the heart or would you think it was corny?


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5 Responses to “She can’t afford to treat…”

  1. Tina

    Now I have a new to do list ;)

  2. Miss MatchMaker

    Have fun!!!!


  3. Stacy

    I do stuff like this all the time…
    I leave a note in his truck.
    Spray my perfume on his pillow.
    Stick my sexy nighty in his bed….with a note to call me if he wants to see it on me.
    A note in the fridge.
    A sexy note in the shower.
    my best one yet…..leaving a sexy picture of my self in his wallet.

  4. Miss MatchMaker

    Good for you Stacy! I love your thinking!!!


  5. Doc

    Love these suggestions! ;)

    Doc’s last blog post..Amen to the Obesity Tax, Let’s Just Call it Something Else

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